London 2012 Marathon Chief Quits In Frustration

He will continue to direct the Virgin London Marathon, however.

Former British distance runner Dave Bedford has left his post assisting the 2012 Olympic London Marathon Committee. According to an article posted on the USA Today Web site, Bedford quit the Olympic Organizing Committee (LOCOG) after a series of disagreements.

London Marathon chief executive Nick Bitel said that Bedford “took the decision in light of his frustrations about LOCOG’s approach to event management.”

Bedford is also the race director of the Virgin London Marathon. Olympic organizers said that Bedford’s leaving the LOCOG will not affect his stewardship of the Virgin London Marathon.

“London Marathon is continuing to work with LOCOG in a close and harmonious manner,” Bitel said. “We wouldn’t work with them unless they could deliver superb events.”

On Monday, Bedford shed some light on his decision, saying that that the London Marathon “[is] a professional business run by professionals and it was very difficult to work for another organization who in the main have never organized an event of their own.”

For More: USA Today

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