Muddy Buddy Added As Olympic Sport

Look for Muddy Buddy at this summer's Olympic Games.

Look for Muddy Buddy at this summer's Olympic Games.

Qualifying process yet to be determined.

It was announced today that a new sport has been added to the Olympic Summer Games coming up in London in 2012. Now in year number 12 of its existence, the Columbia Muddy Buddy, from inception to Olympic inclusion,  becomes the fastest sport to receive acceptance into the Olympics. “The sport of triathlon was created in 1974 and was in the Olympics for the first time in 2000,” says renowned Olympic historian Bernard Miller. “ 26 years is remarkably quick, but Muddy Buddy will be in its first Olympic Games only 13 years from the creation of the sport. That is unbelievable. The reason it was accepted so quickly was that the core of the sport-running and mountain biking- are both already in the Olympic Games and the growth of the sport has been off-the-charts.”

The Columbia Muddy Buddy consists of two runners, one mountain bike, six miles of trails plus four obstacles. It finishes with the teammates basically swimming through a mud pit at the end together.  “Just like with the winter games,” admitted Dr. James Hatfield, a member of the London 2012 Committee, “ we’re committed to bringing the hottest new sports to the Olympic Games to make sure we stay relevant to our millions of television viewers all over the world.”

During its first 12 years, the Columbia Muddy Buddy has attracted thousands of participants to hundreds of events. The Olympic qualifying process for 2012 has yet to be determined.

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