Mumbai Terrorism Survivor Completes Boston Marathon

Rudrani Devi completed the 2011 Boston Marathon despite being shot three times in the leg. Photo: Oak Ridger

She was shot three times in her leg with an automatic weapon.

Two years ago, Rudrani Devi was told that the damage to her shattered leg might not ever be repaired again. She was the victim of a horrible act of terror in Mumbai, India. At the time, she was at a dinner party in the Oberoi Hotel when terrorists barged in with machine guns and started shooting. Three bullets pierced her leg. She was one of 400 people injured in the attacks.

A hotel worker pulled Devi to safety, and she ended up spending weeks in a Mumbai hospital before returning home to Tennessee. At the time, Devi, a therapist and yoga instructor, had been training for the 2008 Boston Marathon.

“I always wanted to run the Boston Marathon,” she recalls.

Finally, after much physical therapy, Devi was ready to run the 2011 edition of Boston, but her doctor wouldn’t release her for sports. By last December, it was too late to get into Boston. “If I could get a bib, I’d just run for charity,” she said. “But all the bibs were gone.”

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