Mutai Says His Boston Time Should Be A World Record

Geoffrey Mutai wants his Boston Marathon time to count as a world record. Photo: David Krupa Associated Press

He also credits God for his victory.

The recent winner of the Boston Marathon and now the fastest man to ever run 26.2 miles, Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya, thinks his time should be recognized as a world record.

“It’s fair, it’s fair many times, because when you go to Boston it’s not an easy course, when you look at the time, I cannot comment anything on how I ran and made that time, it was the work of God,” he said.

Mutai’s winning time was 2:03:02, which was 57 seconds faster than Ethiopian runner Haile Gebrselassie’s world record.

Speaking to reporters back in Kenya, Mutai hinted that faster times may be in store. “This time, I was not looking for anyone after halfway, I said I will push it alone but my colleague [Moses] Mosop came and we pushed it together until the finish,” he said. “I believe I can make even another [fast] time but for now, I cannot say how fast.”

Mutai also said he believed a lack of confidence has hindered Kenyan athletes from owning the world record. “For us, we do not trust ourselves but after what I did, I know our runners will believe in themselves, personally, I also believe that I can do better,” he added.

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