Nation Dominance Nothing New At Boston

Countries winning the race in streaks has been happening since its inception.

Consistently seeing Kenyans, year after year, winning in Boston may lead one to conclude it’s always been an East African affair. But according to an article on the Boston Herald’s Web site, other nations have dominated the race in the past. In the 115-year history of the famous 26.2-mile race, the United States has garnered the most titles: 43.

Thirty-one of these came in the period from 1902-1945. But after the end of World War 2, American dominance of the race began to wane with the United States only securing 10 titles, four of which went to one man: Bill Rodgers.

Another interesting and perhaps overlooked factoid is the past dominance of Canada which has won the race 16 times. In 1900, the neighbor to the north took first, second, and third place. However, the Canadian win streak declined after 1948. Since that time, only one Canadian citzen has won the marathon, Jerome Drayton in 1977.

Another nation that has put forth excellent results in Boston is Finland. From 1954 to 1972, the small nordic country took home seven first-place medals.

For More: Boston Herald

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