New Race For Fetal Hope Partnership Announced

The nationally known 5K event continues to grow.

DENVER – (April 12, 2011) – Focusing on encouraging the rise of healthy moms and babies, the Fetal Hope Foundation recently signed BornFit as a sponsor of its 2011 National Race Series. The Colorado-based, women-led organization will serve as the official sponsor of race apparel.

Now nationally known and held, the Race for Fetal Hope National Race Series is a growing 5K event geared toward celebrating and honoring life. In host cities such as Denver, CO, Atlantic Beach, FL, and Kannapolis, NC, the Series draws more than 3,000 participants and spectators, many of these women and mothers of young children.

“We feel that it’s all about women being a role model for kids and how being healthy makes you feel physically, mentally and emotionally,” said Lisa Welch, Owner of BornFit. “Leading a healthy lifestyle has sort of a ripple effect in making a difference in your life and those you impact.”

For Fetal Hope, the partnership not only means quality apparel for their participants, but also increased exposure of its mission and goals by way of blogging and social media on behalf of BornFit’s unique and expanding national marketing program.

“Our partnership with BornFit started as a way to encourage moms to be healthy during and after pregnancy, as their clothes were designed for those purposes. However, they are also a company built on supporting leading organizations such as ours by providing give-back programs,” said Lonnie Somers, CEO & Founder of the Fetal Hope Foundation and Race Director of the Denver Race for Fetal Hope.

As an added benefit to mothers participating in the Series, BornFit will be hosting the Overcoming Adversity Contest. BornFit will seek stories detailing many mothers’ greatest life challenges and the steps or support they used in overcoming them. Winners will be awarded and acknowledged at each Race for Fetal Hope event, and will receive active wear provided by the company.

Welch said, “We want to see women leading healthy lifestyles, so it’s inevitable that we feel strongly about Fetal Hope and what the organization is doing to support moms, and thus children.”

To learn more about the Fetal Hope and BornFit partnership or Overcoming Adversity Contest, contact Talitha McGuinness at or visit:

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