Streaking Popular Amongst Distance Runners

One man has been running every day since 1968.

Mark Washburne is a streaker. No, not that kind of streaker. He’s a runner who continues to run, day in, day out–rain or shine.

He’s a 55-year-old college professor from Mendham, New Jersey and says that he has run every day since December 31, 1989. This equates to over 33,000 miles. In February, Washburn became the president of the U.S. Running Streak Association. The association has over 270 logged streaks–some lasting up to three decades.

The association’s bylaws state that runners must log one, unassisted continuous mile per day for it to count.

“Everybody’s kind of honest about it — or we think they’re honest about it,” Washburne says. Mark Covert of Lancaster, California, has been running since the Johnson Administration (1968).

“I love exercising. To me, it’s enjoyable to get out there,” Covert, a 60-year old track coach admits. “I guess some might call it an obsession.” Covert defends his quirkiness. “I know that many will talk about obsessive-compulsive … [but] it becomes a part of your life, no different from brushing your teeth when you get up in the morning.”

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