Owning A House In Hopkinton: One Runner’s Dream

Believe it or not, there are many perks to having 50,000 people show up at your doorstep.

Most real estate agents showing homes in Hopkinton, Massachusetts have to do a lot of back pedaling when they are asked by clients about the Boston Marathon. After all, every Patriot’s Day, the tiny town is the home to nearly 50,000 transient runners.

But this wasn’t the case when Boston Globe writer and editor Jennifer Graham was house hunting. Graham is a serious runner. She writes that she considers Hopkinton the “Holy Grail of real estate.”

Graham mentions all the nice perks of living near the start. For example, elite runners stay there and practically every year, the Kenyans visit her son’s elementary school.

“The day I walked into my fourth-grader’s bedroom and heard him playing the Kenyan national anthem on his recorder was the day I knew I wanted to live here forever,” she writes.

In another anecdote about how close she feels to the runners, Graham recalls a woman who ran past her after the race had started with a pair of black sweats. She tossed them to Graham and her neighbor, Bob, asking if they could please mail them back to her and that $5 was in the back pocket along with her address.

The two ended up arguing about who would mail the pants back to the woman.

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