Prefontaine’s Sister Publishes New Log Book

Readers are now afforded new insights into the great runner’s thoughts.

Linda Prefontaine, the younger sister of the legendary Oregon runner Steve Prefontaine, has published a new book. It’s called “Pre Log”.

The spiral-bound book is actually a runner’s log. Inside, it gives readers insight into Pre’s thoughts when he was a high school and collegiate runner.

“I won for the second time,”  he recorded on Nov. 23, 1971. On that day, Pre had won his second straight NCAA cross-country title against Garry Bjorklund.  “It seems to get harder every year. It was a very hard race from the word go with a combination of great runners and a tough course.”

The journal also has photos, workout descriptions, and anecdotes from his former Marshfield High School teammates and coaches. Linda says she enjoyed writing the book.

“It was fun, inspiring and a lot of work to do,” she said. “It was also gratifying. It gave me a chance to teach people things about my brother that maybe they didn’t know about from a different perspective.”

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