Soldier In Afghanistan Runs For Children With Cancer

He wants to make a difference in sick children’s lives.

Last weekend, Chief Warrant Officer Robert Sullivan completed a 24-hour ultra marathon run while stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. He wasn’t doing it to get in shape; instead, he was out to raise money for children with cancer.

Sullivan’s feat raised $21,000 that will go to the Harrisburg-based Children’s Cancer Recovery Foundation in Pennsylvania. He covered 75 miles during his run and took second place in the race.

“Right now, it feels quite sore, but it’s probably one of the biggest accomplishments I’ve made, so I’m quite proud,” he said. Sullivan admitted that the biggest challenges training in Afghanistan were the dust storms.

“Those kids are what I’m running for,” Sullivan said. “They don’t have a choice.”

Greg Anderson is the founder of the foundation and recalls the conversation he had with the warrant officer about the fundraising venture: “He said, ‘I simply want my life to count.’”

“Isn’t that amazing? He’ll be running solo around the airfield from noon to noon!” he exclaimed before Sullivan’s race.

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