Spectator Faces Charges For Runner Assault At Boston

The incident occurred near the 22-mile mark.

As if it’s dangerous enough just to run a marathon, for one unfortunate Boston runner, the event was made even more so on Monday. According to an article posted on the Boston Globe’s Web site, spectator Brendan Quinn, 20 years old, leaped over a steel barrier near the 22-mile mark and “violently knocked down” a female runner.

Several police officers witnessed the incident, but could not come to the aid of the victim, because of the crowds. The woman was helped to her feet by several runners and continued on towards Cleveland Circle. The officers were unable to spot the woman’s bib number and are seeking her identity. She is described as a white female aged 35-40 with a slim build wearing dark running gear.

After knocking the woman down, Quinn continued to run, but was eventually apprehended.

When a reporter called a number listed for the alleged assailant, a woman answered the phone and just said: “I’m sorry, no thank you.”

Authorities are urging the injured runner and any witnesses to call Boston police detectives at 617-343-4335.

For More: Boston.com

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