Watching The London Marathon While In Kenya

Moses Tanui now owns a restaurant in Eldoret. Photo: Masters Athletics

The power went out just before the race started.

Guardian correspondent Adharanand Finn has been in Kenya for the past six months, reporting on the state of running there. Recently, he got to observe what it’s like to be a Kenyan watching the London Marathon. The race was being broadcast in the Grand Pri restaurant in Eldoret. The owner of the restaurant is Moses Tanui, the 10,000m champion and former world-record holder in the half marathon.

Tanui was there wearing a red Virgin London Marathon jacket handing out whistles to partygoers.

As the race was about to be broadcast, the power went out. Tanui was unperturbed, however, assuring guests that he had a generator.

“But when the power eventually comes on, about 45 minutes later, for some reason the only thing any of the TVs can tune in to is a programme called Gospel Sunday,” writes Finn. Tanui told Finn to head over to the Klique Hotel to watch the race. “It is rammed to the rafters with people cheering and blowing whistles,” Finn notes.

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