What It’s Like To Run Boston In A Burger Suit

You need to bring a lot of vaseline, apparently.

The Boston Globe recently profiled a unique group of runners: those who complete the famous Boston Marathon while wearing a costume. One such runner was Sam Novey who did it in a burger suit made out of Lycra and foam that was attached to him by suspenders.

He tells people to bring lots of vaseline if they want to follow in his footsteps.

Sam is a member of the “burger brigade”, a group of 10 teams who all dress up in hamburger costumes to raise money for the “Back On My Feet” charity.

Last year, Victor Wong ran the final 10 miles with Novey dressed up as super-sized sweet potato fry. “Wearing the costume was a little like being a 7-foot monster,’’ he said.

Just as runners shouldn’t test out new shoes on race day, Novey suggests that costume-wearing marathoners not do the same with their outfits. Novey also says running in costume requires as much mental preparation as physical. “You’ve got to own the burger,’’ he said.“You are the Burgerman or Burgerwoman. It’s a state of mind, not a state of dress.’’

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