Simple Palate: Meatless Good Friday: 5 Ways to Still Get Your Protein

By Cielestia Calbay

Those observing Good Friday will want to have a meat-free meal come dinnertime.  But cutting out meat doesn’t necessarily mean skipping out on your daily protein intake. Here is a roundup of hearty protein sources to incorporate into your meatless meal:

Beans  (including soy) (approximately 20g per 1/2 cup)

Eggs (6g per one large sized egg)

Quinoa (9g per 1 cup)

Nuts and Seeds (as much as 5g in almonds and 33g per 100g per serving in squash seeds)

Cheese  (6-10g per ounce depending on sharpness)


Cielestia Calbay is the associate editor of Competitor Magazine. If she’s not at the office, you’ll probably find her outdoors or scouring the area for the nearest juice bar. She may be reached at or @ccalbay

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