Simple Palate: What’s in Your Easter Basket?

Courtesy of Flickr.comBy Cielestia Calbay

The fall holiday season has a reputation for being indulgent, but Easter is just as bad.

As the Lenten season ends this Sunday, many of us will surely be rewarding ourselves with chocolate, cake and other junk food we may have abstained from during the 40-day fast.

But before you stuff yourself with the more than 90 million chocolate bunnies and jelly beans reported to be nestled into our Easter baskets this weekend, read up on how they stack up in our Easter candy nutritional value count:

4 Marshmallow Peeps

Calories: 130

Fat (g): 0

Sugar (g) 29

1 Cadbury Crème Egg

Calories: 150

Fat (g): 6

Sugar (g) 20

1 Dove Solid Chocolate Bunny

Calories: 230

Fat (g): 0

Sugar (g) 29

35 Jelly Belly Assorted Jellybeans

Calories: 140

Fat (g): 0

Sugar (g) 32

9 Brachs Malted Easter Eggs

Calories: 200

Fat (g): 8

Sugar (g) 23

1 Egg of Easter M&Ms

Calories: 280

Fat (g): 12

Sugar (g): 36


Cielestia Calbay is the associate editor of Competitor Magazine. If she’s not at the office, you’ll probably find her outdoors or scouring the area for the nearest juice bar. She may be reached at or @ccalbay.

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