Photo Gallery: Inside The Kelly Starrett Mobility Seminar

Kelly Starrett, DPT and co-owner of CrossFit San Francisco, put on his one-day Mobility seminar at Crossfit Invictus in San Diego recently.

Hate to Stretch? BAM–not anymore. Check out T.J. Murphy’s article from Competitor Magazine on’s fitness star, Kelly Starrett, who is on a one-year mission to prove that mobility work is a gateway to high-performance.

Central to Starrett’s message is that tissue disfunction, improper posture and all the physical “holes” that come along with what we hit our body with–be it sitting at a desk at work for hours each day or the training load we hit our bodies with each day–results not only in increasing the likelihood of injury but we leak away potential athletic performance and well-being. “There are no days off,” Starrett said at the seminar, explaining that while we should take days off from active training, we should never leave behind us a day with our maintenance time for our bodies. At the seminar Starrett went through the core thinking behind his view on movement, mid-line stability, testing and re-testing after mobility work to see if there’s progress, and through a number of techniques that he teaches daily on his site. Check out these photos of the event from T.J. Murphy.

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