Shady Businesses Help Delay Wanjiru’s Funeral

New details about the delay of Sammy Wanjiru's funeral are now surfacing: Photo:

A car deal gone bad and a missing Range Rover have left Wanjiru’s friends scratching their heads.

Just when the tragic story of Sammy Wanjiru’s passing can’t seem to get any more strange and twisted, it does. The Kenya Broadcasting Corporation is reporting this morning that the delay of the late Olympic gold medalist’s funeral may be caused by businesses in the town of Nakuru near Wanjiru’s mansion.

Apparently, a car dealership and a real estate management company are the key sponsors of the court case that was filed by Wanjiru’s mother to delay the burial.

The two businesses want to take advantage of the delay in order to make millions into uncleared deals that Wanjiru had entered into with them. A friend of Wanjiru’s, Norman Mathathi, says the car dealer wants the proceeds of a new black Range Rover that he sold to Wanjiru. However, something went wrong with the deal before Wanjiru died and the dealer went into hiding with the vehicle’s log book.

Wanjiru had reported the incident to the Director of Criminal Investigations, Ndegwa Muhoro. “The police had promised to initiate investigations against the claim by the athlete since the car dealer fled with the cash as well as its log book,” he said.

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