Despite Setbacks Radcliffe Says Don’t Count Her Out

Paula Radcliffe says don't count her out. Photo:

Paula Radcliffe says don't count her out. Photo:

She thinks she’s stronger than ever thanks to her pregnancy.

Even though this week she dropped out of the May 15 Bupa Great Manchester Run this week, world-record holder in the marathon Paula Radcliffe remains optimistic about her chances in the 2012 Olympics. Radcliffe has been out of competition for the past 18 months. She gave birth to her son, Raphael, last September.

She said she scratched herself from the Manchester Race due to a chest and throat infection.

When asked how she keeps up her competitive spirt despite being out of racing for so long, she talks about a competitive flame inside her.

“My career might come to an end one day but it won’t be because I’ve lost the competitive spirit. It’ll be because my body won’t withstand the training it needs to race as well as I want to race,” she says.

Radcliffe’s world record is 2:15:25 and has stood for eight, long years.

She says childbirth has made her a better runner. “I think that when you go through childbirth, endurance-wise you get stronger. In fact, your endurance gets stronger as you get older. But they also say it takes nine months to a year for your pelvis to get back to where it was pre-pregnancy, so that changes your gait a bit, which is one of the reasons why I ended up with a stress fracture last time. I ramped up the mileage a little bit too much.”

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