Kenya Opens Inquest Into Sammy Wanjiru’s Death

Sammy Wanjiru's death is being investigated by the police. Photo:

The police want to get to the bottom of what exactly happened on Sunday.

According to a report posted on, the Kenyan Government is opening up an official inquest into the death of one of that nation’s best marathoners, Sammy Wanjiru. The Olympic gold medalist passed away on Sunday when he leapt from a balcony at his residence.

There are conflicting accounts about what exactly happened.

“So far we don’t think he was pushed or it was his intention to end his life,” said Charles Owino, a spokesman for the Kenyan police force. “There is a feeling maybe he thought the distance was short enough he could land safely, but that’s just us imagining. The investigation has just started.”

Wanjiru’s jumping incident occurred following a domestic dispute with Triza Njeri Kamau who asked him about a woman he had brought home.

“Allegedly he was with another woman, his wife locked the door, and he couldn’t access outside through the normal entrance,” said Owino.

Wanjiru’s meteoric career was nothing short of amazing. He had won a total of seven marathons, including the 2008 Olympic marathon. He was a two-time champion of the World Marathon Majors Series.

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