Residents Protest Wanjiru’s Funeral Delay

Sammy Wanjiru's neighbors have begun protesting the delay of his burial. Photo:

They are incensed at the disrespect shown to their hero.

Locals from Nyahururu, the village where Sammy Wanjiru lived, are taking part in a peaceful protest today. The residents are angered by what they consider to be intruders who are out to sabotage the burial of the Olympic gold medalist.

At the Olympia Hotel in Nyahururu the residents held a meeting where they stated that Wanjiru’s mother, Anne, is not solely to blame for the delay. They instead blame businessmen who seek a delay of the burial in order to benefit financially from the uncertainty of Wanjru’s estate.

Ndegwa Wahome, Wanjiru’s lawyer, was the head of the burial committe, before it was stopped by a court injunction. Wahome noted that Wanjiru’s body, which is in a funeral home in Nairobi, has yet to be prepared for burial.

“We have been receiving calls from the mortuary saying that the body is rotting hence a postmortem needs to be done as a matter of urgency. This is the lowest state to which human dignity can be abused,” he said.

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