Herbalife Launches New Product Line for the 24-Hour Athlete

It’s an effort to address the needs of both endurance and recreational athletes.

Written by: Cielestia Calbay

Herbalife, a Los Angeles-based nutrition and wellness company, launched its new Herbalife24 product line earlier this week as an effort to address the needs of both endurance and recreational athletes.

“[Herbalife24] derives from a professional athlete or weekend warrior who are constantly thinking about training, recovery and nutrition,” said John Heiss, Ph.D., director of sports and fitness for Herbalife. “These elements tie together to create a line to support athletes on rest and training days.”

Five of the line’s seven products were released as part of a comprehensive performance nutrition collection that aims to fuel and recover athletes based on their activity levels and day-to-day training needs.

The products come in mild flavors like chocolate and a cinnamon-like vanilla, and are designed to be more palatable when mixed with water.

“We found that people were diluting their sports drinks to make them taste better so we designed the flavors to be mixed with something like water that’s easily accessible,” said Heiss.

The products currently available through Herbalife distributors are:

–       Formula 1 Sport: a carbohydrate blend and purified milk protein powder

–       Hydrate: a bioavailable electrolyte supplement with vitamin C and 1g of sugar

–       Prolong: a carbohydrate and electrolytes blend with B vitamin support

–       Rebuild Endurance: a protein-amino acid blend to replace glycogens and recover muscles

–       Rebuild Strength: a protein-amino acid blend to promote muscle repair

Prepare, a supplement to support blood flow, and Restore, which fights inflammation, are expected to be released later this summer.

Herbalife24 first made the public rounds at a targeted soft launch at last Sunday’s Amgen Tour of California where it was sampled by 8,000 attendees. Its next stop is the Indianapolis 500, which kicks off this Friday.

For a list of Herbalife24 distributors, visit http://performancenutrition.herbalife.com/en/


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