New Flavor Blocker Makes Food Seem Sweeter

Written by: Cielestia Calbay

There may be an easier way to eat your bitter greens.

A new compound reported in March at the American Chemical Society’s National Meeting and Exposition in Anaheim, Calif. could be added to foods and beverages to make them taste better.

The flavor blocker, known as GIV3616, blocks taste buds’ ability to detect bitter flavors and results in a more palatable taste. Researchers say the compound aims to help consumers eat healthier by making them more open to trying different diets. It also targets children and seniors to help them swallow bitter tasting medications.

GIV3616 is not the first compound capable of hiding bitter tastes. GIV3727 is another compound that enhances the taste of artificial sweeteners. Researchers say GIV3616 is more potent and dissolves more quickly in food and beverages.


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