Out There: You Know You’re An Endurance Athlete When…

You know you're an endurance athlete when you’ve worn compression socks to the grocery store and kept them on to enhance your dinner-making performance.

Do you fit any of these descriptions?

Written by: Susan Lacke

Let’s face it: Being a runner, cyclist, or triathlete goes beyond simply participating in the sport. It’s an identity, a lifestyle that is more than just the hours put in during training and racing.  It’s what separates us from the recreational joggers and weekend warriors. You know you’re an endurance athlete when:

– You’re able to say “I like to push it hard and fast at the end” and still keep a straight face.

– Your kitchen cabinet has more water bottles than drinking glasses.

– Some people have bank accounts. You have gear.

– You go on vacation and wonder why people hadn’t told you about the whole “lay next to the pool and sleep” thing before.

– What used to be a small pile of training gear slowly took over a drawer in your dresser, then a closet, then multiple areas of your house. You now can’t open a closet door without a hydration belt falling on your head.

– You’ve worn compression socks to the grocery store.

– You’ve worn compression socks under your work clothes.

– You’ve worn compression socks to bed.

– Your significant other has informed you that compression socks in bed are not sexy. This is news to you.

– When the mechanic gives you a quote to fix your car, you don’t think in terms of dollar signs, but instead calculate its equivalency in race registration fees.

– The watch once reserved for training activities only has now become a staple of your wardrobe…even when you’re dressed up.

– You have tan lines that would put a zebra to shame.

– You’ve purchased clothes specifically because they hide those tan lines so well.

– You’ve given at least one blister, saddle sore, or chaffed nipple a name…and had a conversation with it.

– You’ve actually told the massage therapist he or she isn’t hurting you enough.

– Someone needs to explain the concept of “brunch” to you – apparently, not everyone has their long run on Sunday mornings.

– Your world was rocked when you discovered your now-favorite flavor of gel.

– You love that gel so much, you’ve considered using it as a condiment.

– You have no problem wearing an outfit to a race that, in any other setting, would look like a toddler painted a superhero costume on your body.

– You spend so much time with other endurance athletes, you’ve forgotten men actually have body hair.

– It’s odd to hear some people don’t eat dinner until after sundown. By that time, you’ve already raided the leftovers in the fridge on your way to your 9 PM bedtime.

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