Two iPhone Apps To Download Now!

This piece first appeared in the May issue of Competitor Magazine.

Written by: Erin Beresini

On Feb. 27, Tokyo resident Joseph Tame, 33, strapped on a homemade multimedia contraption to live stream the Tokyo Marathon. Tame’s invention, the iRun, held four iPhones, an iPad, an Android handset and three mobile Wi-Fi routers that broadcasted Tame’s progress—including his heart rate, pace and location—to more than 3,000 international spectators. He couldn’t have done it without these two apps (and extra batteries):


• RunKeeper

This running app—downloaded 1 million times in four days after its creators allowed it to be downloaded for free—features GPS and manual tracking, iPod integration, activity sharing through Twitter and Facebook, heart rate data tracking and data syncing with, where you can upload your run statistics to share with friends.

Wahoo Fisica Sensor

• Wahoo Fisica Sensor

This app tests any sensor that transmits data using the ANT+ wireless protocol, including heart rate monitors, scales and blood pressure monitors. The app is free, but requires the $79.99 Wahoo Fitness Sensor Key to work.


Erin Beresini is a senior editor at Competitor Magazine.

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