Endurance Athletes’ Beer Regimen

Photo: Beercollege.net

Most endurance athletes are regimented people. They have schedules for their training that they follow to a T from how far to run to how much protein to eat. For months out of the year they wake up early on the weekends to go for a five-hour ride or a two-hour run, depending on what the plan is for the stage of training their in. And it’s all to get them to the finish line.

Something else that gets endurance athletes to the finish line is knowing there is a beer garden waiting for them. Talk to most endurance athletes and you’ll be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t enjoy a nice cold one after a long workout or a race. And usually they’re regimented about which beers they drink too. Here are our favorite brews to relax over after a hard workout:

T.J. Murphy, editorial director of Competitor—Newcastle

Aaron Hersh, senior tech editor of Triathlete—Goose Island Sofie

Linzay Logan, copy editor of Competitor—Coronado Idiot IPA

Sabrina Grotewold, senior editor of Competitor—Alesmith Horny Devil

Nils Nilsen, photo editor of Inside Triathlon and Triathlete—Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Mario Fraioli, web producer—Karl Strauss Red Trolley


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