The treadmill doesn’t have to be the dreadmill

Written by Linzay Logan

Running on the treadmill is dreadful and mind numbingly boring for most. The monotony of the hum of the circling rubber can send some runners to the great outdoors even in the most extreme of weather.

There’s not much you can do to get rid of the humming of the treadmill and the pounding of your feet on it besides a good pair of headphones, but there are ways to remedy the boring nature of watching the lights on the imaginary track of the treadmill’s screen move around while you run nowhere.  One of which, is to have a planned out run that requires several speed and/or elevation changes such as a speed workout.

Doing a speed workout on a treadmill as opposed to outside can sometimes be helpful. The odds of someone jumping in your way, requiring you to dodge them and mess up your timing is far lower on a treadmill than if you are running on a busy street. Also, it is a lot easier to track speed and distance indoors; the treadmill lets you know how fast you are going and how far you have gone in bright red lights right in front of you.

With temperatures rising as we get into summer, the treadmill may be your only escape from the heat during a run so try out this speed workout to help break the horrible dullness of treadmill running.

Set the treadmill to an incline of one percent. This helps to make up for the lack of resistance and other outdoor running factors that running indoors doesn’t entail.

Warm up for ten minutes at a comfortable pace

One minute at 75% effort

30 second comfortable pace recovery

One minute at 80% effort

30 second comfortable pace recovery

One minute at 85% effort

30 second comfortable pace recovery

One minute at 90% effort

Ten minutes at comfortable pace

Repeat speed drills and try to maintain the same speed you were running the one-minute intervals at in the first round.

Cool down for ten minutes at your comfortable pace


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