The Millennium Runner: Substance & Style

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hat could possibly be more confusing than sports nutrition? From the vegan diet of ultrarunner Scott Jurek to the meat-and-fish laden Paleo diet advocated by the likes of triathlon coach and author Joe Friel, what’s a runner to do? The newly infamous marathoner Joe D’Amico responded to all the conflicting information by going truly old school: He fueled his 30-day buildup for the 2011 L.A. Marathon with an ultra-strict diet of McDonald’s. Cokes, fries, burgers and Egg McMuffins included.

Most of today’s runners, however, have been turned on to the “clean” diet, eating only fresh, unprocessed whole foods. While exercise clearly can help deter disease, there’s nothing like the one-two punch of proper exercise and a proper diet. High-sugar and high-fat intake have become the working targets of the current generation of fitness enthusiasts.

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