After Three Decades, Terry Fox’s Legacy Lives On

Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope continues to inspire people 30 years later. Photo:

He ran 143 back-to-back marathons on one leg to raise money for cancer research.

Canada has plenty of sports icons, but one lasting hero continues to stay in the hearts of its citizens: Terry Fox.

When he was 18, back in 1977, Fox lost a leg from cancer. Three years after that incident, he set out on his now-famous “Marathon of Hope” in order to raise money for cancer research. His cross-country run began on April 12, 1980, when he dipped his leg into the Atlantic Ocean and then set out for the Pacific Ocean.

For the next 143 days, Fox completed a marathon a day.

He did it with one leg.

Sadly, when he was well over 5,000 kilometers into his journey, Fox found out that the cancer had returned and spread to his lungs.

“I thought that the cancer, that I had it beat. It was an unbelievable shock to me yesterday to find out what I had,” he told reporters after announcing the end of this journey. “You know I’ve been running 26 miles a day, up and down those hills and I’ve been feeling great. And I just, I didn’t expect that at all. I’ve come so far.”

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