At 80, Ed Whitlock Keeps On Running

Even at the age of 80, Ed Whitlock continues to run marathons. Photo: Running Bolder

He will be competing in the Toronto Marathon this October.

When he was 73, Canada’s Ed Whitlock ran a marathon under three hours. Since then, he’s gone on to set most of the world records for senior’s long-distance running (13 total).

He’s now 80 and continues to run: fast.

“I don’t find all this training particularly enjoyable, it’s kind of a drudge,” Whitlock admits. “I saw a joint specialist and her verdict was that my running days were over, but you don’t necessarily have to take the expert’s verdict. I’ve basically done nothing at all to treat it, just take a rest.”

This October, Whitlock will be running the Scotiabank Waterfront Marathon in Toronto.

Here are some of Whitlock’s secrets to his longevity: He doesn’t stretch or do yoga; he runs solo for as much as three hours a day; and does not pay attention to his diet.

“I don’t measure my pace or anything like that. I just try and run conservatively and not pound my knees,” he said.

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