Author Shares Five Barefoot Running Tips

He is the co-founder of the Barefoot Running Club in Boulder, Colorado.

The Web site AZ recently interviewed Michael Sandler author of Barefoot Running. Sandler is an advocate for taking off the shoes and taking to the streets, grass, and trails the natural way.

“It’s lighter. You’re able to feel the ground which enables you to get the most responsiveness from the ground,” he said about barefoot running. “That allows you to have the lightest possible strike, which is helpful if you’ve ever had injuries before because your whole leg and body acts like a spring-like mechanism.”

Sandler is no stranger to injury. He has a titanium hip and a titanium femur. He and business partner Jessica Lee co-founded the Barefoot Running Club in Boulder, Colo. two summers ago.

In the interview, Sandler shares five tips for first-time barefoot runners:

1. Start on a smooth, hard surface

2. Go short

3. Rest and recover

4. Stay on your toes

5. Stay tall

If barefoot running sounds too painful, Sandler says to be patient. “You get a thickening of the skin, and the baby fat — that padding on the bottom of the feet that’s been gone since you were a little child — starts to come back,” he said. “You’re able to run over the roughest terrain after about three to six months with no discomfort.”

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