Doping Investigation Focusing On South Korean Coach

The events are taking place two months before the world championships.

According to a report in the Times of India, South Korea’s head marathon coach, Jeong Man-Hwa is under suspicion of doping his athletes–one of which includes the Asia Games gold medalist Ji Young-Jun. Apparently, Man-Hwa made his athletes inject themselves with substances that increase red blood cells, but are hard to detect with drug tests.

The coach has denied the allegation.

Police have reportedly confiscated the files of the athletes, which were kept in a hospital in Jecheon.

This investigation is taking place two months before the World Championships in Athletics–an event being held in Daegu, South Korea. Coach Man-Hwa has told Korea Association of Athletics Federations (KAAF’s) president Oh Dong-Jin that he is innocent.

KAAF officials say they have conducted their own investigation and found no evidence of doping among the marathoners. They insist someone conspired against the coach and gave false tips to the police.

“President Oh said that after the world championships, he will try to identify just who made these false accusations and take legal action against them,” said a representative from the KAAF.

For More: Times of India

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