The Tale Of The Scottish Joggler

Steve Portwine ran a 2:04 half marathon while juggling. Photo: Get

He braved wind and rain on the course to raise money for charity.

Running a half marathon, 13.1 miles, is hard enough. Imagine doing it while juggling? That’s what Steve Portwine did at last May’s Edinburgh Half Marathon. Even more impressive: he completed the race in 2:04.

Portwine was pulling off the feat to raise money for the Oxfam charity.

He admits that during the length of the race, he only dropped the balls six times.

“The first drop was actually just as I crossed the start line, but it was almost a relief to get it out of the way,” he recalls. “I think it was just because I had cold hands, but there were a couple that were caused by not seeing an obstruction in the road.”

Portwine, 36, says he got motivated to run the half after watching his wife train for the full marathon last year.

Earlier in May, he completed a 10K and had run a half marathon (without juggling balls) before that.

On race day, he was challenged with wind and rain throughout the course.

“I was really pleased with the time in the end,” he said.

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