Three-Hour Marathoner Competing In Special Olympics

Karen Dickerson fell in love with running when she was in high school. Photo: Special

Karen Dickerson fell in love with running when she was in elementary school. Photo: Special

She has finished in the top 10% of women at the Boston Marathon.

The Special Olympics’ World Summer Games kick off in Athens on Saturday. Nearly 8,000 athletes from 185 countries will be in attendance. One of them is an incredibly talented marathoner: Karen Dickerson.

The 25-year-old from Springfield, Virginia clocked a 3:24 marathon at the 2007 Boston Marathon, which put her in the top 10% of all women runners.

She was selected in 2007 to carry the Special Olympics Global Law Enforcement torch. At a ceremony at the White House, then-President George W. Bush had this to say about her: “[Karen] is what we call a fierce competitor. In 2003, [at the Games] in Dublin, Ireland, Karen was told she had a stress fracture in her leg. Yet through sheer will power, she won the bronze medal. She should serve as an inspiration.”

Karen took to running in elementary school. The loud whistles in her gym class bothered her and so her teachers suggested she run on the track.

She hasn’t stopped running since.

Since high school, she has run nine marathons.

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