Wanjiru’s Mother Fails To Appear In Court For Assault

Hannah Wanjiru, Sammy's mother, now faces charges of assault. Photo: The Standard

She allegedly tried to kill the driver of the late marathoner’s wife.

The controversy and drama surrounding the death of former Olympic gold medalist Sammy Wanjiru continues. This time, the mother of the late champion, Hannah Wanjiru, was expected to appear in court to face charges of assault and creating a disturbance.

Supposedly, Wanjiru attacked the driver of the late athlete’s wife, Triza Njeri, while storming the home where the marathoner is set to be buried.

She then allegedly stabbed the man in the head, leaving him seriously injured. Mrs. Wanjiru was arrested and put into custody. She was released on bail some time later.

Questions are now arising why she was not taken into court today to hear the charges levied against her. A police officer said the reason for this has to do with the timing of Wanjiru’s burial.

“We do not want to complicate the matter and that is why we have agreed that the charges will be preferred to her after the burial,” he said. “We are however recording statements from witnesses and the complainant.”

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