Your Asthma Meds Could Make You Leaner

Photo courtesy of fsecart on Flickr.

Australian researchers found that formoterol, a relatively new type of asthma medication, stimulates the metabolism without affecting the heart, Science Daily reports.

When eight healthy men took formoterol orally at a dose that would produce a metabolic effect, their metabolism increased by more than 10 percent and their fat burning increased by more than 25 percent, while their bodies lessened protein burning by 15 percent.

“In the long run these effects may lead to a loss in fat mass and an increase in muscle,” said study leader, endocrinologist Dr. Paul Lee.

Before you start complaining to your doctor about a newly developed tightness in your chest, wait for further studies. Science Daily notes the next step “will be to test the drug over a longer period in a larger sample of people to determine if the beneficial effects translate into improvement in body composition, health and function.”

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