Stay Safe On The Run—IDs For Endurance Athletes

Next to your running shoes, it’s your most important piece of equipment.

Written by: Linzay Logan

You buy all the gear and you’re ready to run—the shoes, the GPS watch, the light-as a-feather sunglasses. But unless you are safe, none of this matters. Looking both ways before you cross the street, wearing a light if the sun is down and letting someone know where are going are all smart ways to be safer while you run, but a lot of people forget about the kinds of running accidents you can’t predict. If you are out running alone and something happens, wearing an ID is one of the best gear items you can have one. In an extreme situation it can let paramedics know who you are and who to call, but it can also be nice for when you just don’t have enough in you to get back to your car, don’t have a cell phone, but do have three numbers of people who can pick you up.

Check out the following pages for four IDs made specifically for runners and endurance athletes.

Finish Safe Finish Tags

Finish Safe tags are $12 or free if you sign up during their introductory period. They are tags for everything from your bike to your shoes to your gym bag and all your information is written on the back of the cards.

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