Western States 100 Gear Check

Kilian Jornet's Western States racing kit emphasized breathability to combat varying temperature changes.

A lot more than training goes into a successful run at the Western States 100.

There were some jokes that Kilian Jornet’s looser, darker outfit at this year’s Western States 100 was a disappointment to some of the admirers of his apparel choice from last year: an all-white skin-tight compression suit designed by his sponsor, Salomon.

At this year’s race he wore a much cooler prototype that emphasized breathability and featured some mystery “inserts” that, according to Salomon’s Global Outdoor Brand Manager, Jean-Yves Couput, “helped Kilian with the effort in the changing and hot temperatures of that race.”

The two-piece kit proved effective, as Jornet reported to have no problems dealing with the varying temperatures and accompanying dehydration he faced in finishing third at last year’s Western States race.

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