Nine Things Every Runner Needs

Don’t head out the door without any of these things.

Written by: Linzay Logan

Good shoes—for your first pair it is very important to get fitted.

A good outfit—everyone needs to have a pair of their go-to favorite shorts and shirt.

A supporter—at least one person you can go to when you need running advice, when training has got you down, when you have a bad run or when you had the perfect race and you want to someone to be excited with you about it. And knowing you have a friend waiting for you at the finish line will give you extra motivation to run fast!

One day off a week—one day that you don’t worry about fitting in a run, or even think about running, and just relax.

Good socks—at least two or three pairs that might cost an arm or a leg but are worth every penny because you’ll avoid blisters, especially the ones that get as big as your head and make it impossible to walk normal for weeks.

ID for the run—none of this matters if you aren’t safe. The Road ID bracelet is my personal favorite.

Pre-run fuel—find out what works and doesn’t work for you. Not knowing can lead to a bad, bad run.

To stretch—if you’re tight, sore and can barely walk because you didn’t stretch after your last monster run, chances are you probably can’t run very well now.

Post-run fuel—chocolate covered pretzels and a beer. Just because they taste good, we deserve it after a good long run and we need recovery fuel anyway :)


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