Buffalo Soldier: Exclusive Interview With Emma Coburn

Emma Coburn on her way to winning the steeplechase at the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational earlier this season. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Competitor.com: How do you intend to balance preparing for your last cross-country season with getting ready for Worlds?

EC: It’s going to be tricky. I’m now on a short break for just a couple of days, and then I’ll be doing mostly cross-country training but throwing in some steeple-specific training too. I am going to Europe to race this summer so I may miss out on some of the important base training for cross-country while I am gone racing.

Competitor.com: Unlike a lot of collegiate distance runners, you haven’t redshirted any seasons yet. Do you plan to exhaust all of your eligibility in the coming academic year?

EC: I’ve been really lucky as I’ve been healthy and have never dealt with injuries, so I’ve just been rolling on through. Over the next year I’ll have to see what makes sense. I love running at Colorado, so I may redshirt next spring if it seems like a good choice.

Competitor.com: Do you usually train alone in the off-season or with teammates?

EC: I come to Boulder once in a while and run with teammates taking summer classes or who stay there. In Crested Butte I do some training with [C.U.’s top male distance runner] Joe Bosshard, who’s my boyfriend, and also run with teammates from high school.

Competitor.com: You’ve had a taste of professional running, even if you can’t yet be paid for it. Do you plan to continue competing after you graduate?

EC: I would love to if someone will take me. I’m having a lot of fun running and want to keep doing it for as long as I can.

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