Buffalo Soldier: Exclusive Interview With Emma Coburn

Emma Coburn on her way to winning the steeplechase at the Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational earlier this season. Photo: PhotoRun.net

Competitor.com: How do you intend to balance preparing for your last cross-country season with getting ready for Worlds?

EC: It’s going to be tricky. I’m now on a short break for just a couple of days, and then I’ll be doing mostly cross-country training but throwing in some steeple-specific training too. I am going to Europe to race this summer so I may miss out on some of the important base training for cross-country while I am gone racing.

Competitor.com: Unlike a lot of collegiate distance runners, you haven’t redshirted any seasons yet. Do you plan to exhaust all of your eligibility in the coming academic year?

EC: I’ve been really lucky as I’ve been healthy and have never dealt with injuries,┬áso I’ve just been rolling on through. Over the next year I’ll have to see what makes sense. I love running at Colorado, so I may redshirt next spring if it seems like a good choice.

Competitor.com: Do you usually train alone in the off-season or with teammates?

EC: I come to Boulder once in a while and run with teammates taking summer classes or who stay there. In Crested Butte I do some training with [C.U.’s top male distance runner] Joe Bosshard, who’s my boyfriend, and also run with teammates from high school.

Competitor.com: You’ve had a taste of professional running, even if you can’t yet be paid for it. Do you plan to continue competing after you graduate?

EC: I would love to if someone will take me. I’m having a lot of fun running and want to keep doing it for as long as I can.

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