An Inside Look At The Spartan Death Race

Michelle Roy nearly died competing in the Spartan Death Race last month. Photo: ESPN.

Michelle Roy nearly died competing in the Spartan Death Race last year. Photo: ESPN.

The extreme ultra mud race is about as dangerous as they come.

She is just 5-foot-4 and she only weighs 107 pounds, but that isn’t stopping Michelle Roy from Framingham, Massachusetts from taking on the latest extreme sport: ultra mud running. Last March, Roy finished second overall in the ominous-sounding Winter Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont,. The Winter Death Race is a sadistic event that features a trail marathon that is completed while wearing snowshoes and carrying logs as well as a 60-second submersion in an icy creek. The goal of the race is to get people to drop out.

“It was me and 17 guys out there,” Roy recalls. “I’m small and fast, and a lot of these guys were huge. After a while, hauling all that bulk around, they get tired, but I can go forever.”

Bolstered by her showing, Roy returned to Pittsfield for the Spartan Death Race last June. The race took 45 hours for the lead competitor to complete it. Only four women finished. Roy was not one of them. She hit her head 27 hours into the event and was rushed to the hospital unconscious.

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