Ethiopia’s Meseret Defar May Double In Daegu

Meseret Defar is looking for two gold medals in Daegu. Photo:

On July 17, she will try to qualify for the 10,000m.

One of Ethiopia’s most capable female distance runners, Meseret Defar, is contemplating a bold move at next month’s World Championships: doubling the 5000m and 10,000m events. Defar owns the fastest 5000m time in the world this year at 14:29.52. She is also the former world-record holder in that event. Regarding the 10,000m, she is hoping to qualify for the World Championships at Memorial Paolo Delogu in Nuoro on the island of Sardinia on July 13,

“So far, I have decided to run the 5000,” Defar said of the World Championships. “Now it’s just to secure a 10,000 qualifying time in this Italian race and hold on to it.”

Defar is in an elite group when it comes to the 10,000m. She is one of only five women who have ever broken the 30-minute barrier for that distance. She is a four-time world indoor 3000m champion as well.

“I just want a time that will qualify me, and I’m not targeting any particular time besides that,” she said.

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