“Marathon Poster Boy” Still Racing At 100

Fauja Singh, left, continues to run at 100 years of age. Photo: NDTV

He didn’t take up the sport until he was 89.

Here’s an inspiration for aging runners: Fauja Singh, at 100 years old, is the world’s oldest half marathoner. His new biography, “Turbaned Tornado” has been just released. In the book, Singh reveals that he didn’t start taking up the sport until he was 89 years old. After his son and wife passed away, Fauja Singh, who’s name means “soldier”, was forced to search for a worthwhile alternative to fill his time.

“Fauja has given a new meaning to the words endurance, aspiration and will power,” said biographer Khsushwant Singh. “Dictionaries would have to re-explain these words since Fauja had added a whole new dimension to them.”

Fauja became the world’s oldest half marathoner last year when he completed the Inter-Faith Marathon in Luxembourg. When he turned 100 in April, Singh got a telegram from the Queen of England. He admits that he doesn’t want to stop running.

Singh ran his first race in 2000, which was the London Marathon. His biographer recalls that Singh showed up for the first day of training in a three -piece suit.

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