Runner Saves Driver From Cliffside Crash

A Good Samaritan runner saved a trapped woman in a car in Cornwall, England. Photo:

A runner saved a trapped woman in a car in Cornwall, England. Photo:

He noticed a flipped car on the side of a cliff while he was out for his morning jog.

A woman in Cornwall, England is alive thanks to a runner. Fifty-six-year-old Lyn Venton had been driving her Vauxhaull Vectra in misty weather when she careened off a road and descended down a grassy cliff.

Her car had rolled multiple times and came to rest near a vertical cliff that dropped into the sea. For the next 20 hours Ms. Venton was trapped in her car, bleeding heavily from an injury to her leg.

That next morning, a runner, Ben Stafford, spotted the car.

“It was bizarre. A girl who was on the path next to me said we should check if there was someone in the vehicle,” he recalled. “I didn’t think there would be and climbed down to the car expecting it to be empty… and there was a lady in the passenger seat in shock.”

Stafford stayed with the victim and reassured her until medical help arrived. A Coast Guard spokesman said that the vehicle had come to rest on the steepest part of the cliff, teetering at the edge.”

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