S.F. Marathon A “Warmup” For One Ultra Couple

Devon Crosby-Holmes and boyfriend Nathan Yanko have more in common than racing ultra marathons. Photo: S.F. Examiner

They prefer 100K and 100-mile races.

For many runners participating in next weekend’s San Francisco Marathon, just completing the 26.2-mile slog will be enough for one day.

Not so for Devon Crosby-Helmes and her boyfriend, Nathan Yanko.

“This is a warmup,” Crosby-Helmes said. “Running a marathon before a 100K is a good test of fitness.” Crosby-Helmes is preparing for the 100K World Championships in Holland later this year. Both Crosby-Helmes and Yanko have won 100-mile races. Crosby-Helmes won hers in Vermont in 2008, while Yanko was victorious at the Headlands 100 the following year.

The 29-year-old Crosby-Helmes is also the reigning U.S. 50-mile champion. She actually prefers 50-mile races to 100-milers. “You’re done the same day,” she said of the 50-mile event. “It’s a distance I can run hard and fast.”

The couple has more in common that just running ultras. Both have turtle tattoos and both work in the culinary arts. Crosby-Helmes is a personal chef; Yanko is a master baker.

Another commonality: neither of the two were runners starting out.

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