Salazar Says Farah Has A Lot Of Room To Improve

Coach Salazar (right) admits that his athlete, Mo Farah (left) hasn't put in the amount of training that Galen Rupp has. Photo: The Telegraph

Coach Alberto Salazar (right) admits that his Mo Farah (left) hasn't put in the amount of training as his teammate, Galen Rupp. Photo: The Telegraph

Farah’s winning even with less training than his teammate, Galen Rupp.

He’s the top 10,000-meter runner in the world and a clear favorite to medal at next year’s Olympic Games, but Mo Farah still hasn’t reached his potential, according to his coach, Alberto Salazar. In a recent article on the Telegraph’s Web site, Salazar, himself a former three-time champion of the New York City Marathon, says that “Mo’s still got a lot to improve.”

Referring to Farah’s training partner, Galen Rupp, Salazar admitted that Farah is no match when it comes to training. “Mo has beaten Galen in every race that they’ve run, but Mo can still not handle all of the training that Galen does,” he said. “That makes sense because I’ve trained Galen for 10 years and built him up to do certain things. For a guy who’s never done all that stuff, getting him to do it all straight away would hurt him. The good thing about Mo is that often he’s only doing two-thirds that Galen is doing today.”

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