Ten Marathon Myths Debunked

  • By Duncan Larkin
  • Published Jul. 28, 2011
  • Updated Jul. 28, 2011 at 10:26 AM UTC
One myth to debunk: There is no age limit to start marathon training. Photo: MSNBC

One myth to debunk: There is no age limit to start marathon training. Photo: MSNBC

Near the top of the list: you don’t have to be young to start training for them.

Kimberly Cowart, a reporter for the Deseret News, has recently written a column debunking ten marathon myths. At the top of her list: You have to run a marathon; no walking is allowed. Cowart debunks this one by referencing former U.S. Olympian turned coach Jeff Galloway who has prescribed “Gallowalking” both in training and during the marathon itself.

“For me, I find that I run better if I know that at every aid station I can take a short walk break,” writes Cowart. “These usually come about every two miles. It’s a mental boost, and I never have to worry about dousing my shoes with Gatorade as I try to run and drink.”

Second on her list is that marathoners have to start young. Cowart points out that the fastest-growing age group of marathoners are those over 80 years old. “Of course anyone who dares to cover the distance should be in relatively good physical condition, but there’s no reason why age should be a limiting factor,” she notes.

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Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin

Duncan Larkin is the news editor at and a freelance journalist who’s been covering the sport of running for over five years. He’s run 2:32 in the marathon and won the Himalayan 100-Mile Stage Race in 2007. His first running book, RUN SIMPLE, was released last July.

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