Kitchen MacGyver: Tips for Lightening a Chicken Dinner

Enjoy a less-dense dinner that’s still chock full of flavor!

Written by: Sabrina Grotewold

After wolfing a gigantic burger topped with bacon and guacamole on the fourth of July, today I want food that’s lighter but full of flavor. Obviously, chicken is a leaner source of protein in most cases—particularly if you stick to roasted, grilled or poached preparations and you eat skinless white meat—but it’s tempting to coat dry, skinless white meat in sugary barbecue sauce, fat-filled mayonnaise or melty, high fat, calorie and sodium cheese.

Today I’m giving you two recipes to demonstrate how easy making little tweaks to existing recipes can be to suit your tastes or preparation preferences on that day. These recipes borrow spa-inspired ideas of using vitamin and antioxidant-packed citrus fruits and herbs to flavor food, but also includes a little white wine for more pronounced flavor. The first recipe is a bit heavier than the second and cooked indoors, making it ideal for autumn or any time where the idea of utilizing the oven doesn’t send you sprinting for the pool. The second recipe is a lighter, more summery version that’s best cooked on the grill. Notice the swaps in the second recipe: Skinless white meat, twice as much lemon juice and zest is used for added acidity and brightness, less oil and dairy butter is replaced with soy “butter,” and far less sodium-filled chicken broth is used.

Check ’em both out and enjoy a less-dense dinner that’s still chock full of flavor!

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