The Comeback Queen: Exclusive Interview With Kim Smith

How has your mileage and training changed since your injury? Have you taken your mileage down to ensure you aren’t reinjuring yourself?

Yes. I’ve definitely taken my mileage down and switched to shorter, faster stuff.

Smith debuted at 2:25:21 at the 2010 London Marathon. Photo:

I’ve just gotten into 100s [per week] now. Before that, I was doing between 80 and 90.


I do a lot of doubles, yes.

Has your interaction with your coach, Ray Treacy, changed since your injury? Has he been more involved than he used to be in order to get you back in the swing of training and competing again?

I’ve definitely had some motivation problems. Being injured is such a disappointment; I think that is the hardest part of the sport. I’ve been trying to get my head back into running rather than my body. I’m trying to be more positive.

Back to your racing plans, after New York City in November, you will be preparing for the Olympics, correct?


For the marathon?

Yes. That’s the plan. If New York doesn’t go well, then maybe I’ll switch back to the track. I’m not really sure.

Why have you selected to run the New York City Marathon?

I have to get the [Olympic] qualifying time.

Had you ever thought about doing a different fall marathon? Because of the challenging course and road surface, New York isn’t necessarily the best race for someone coming back from injury.

I ran well in New York last year. I love running in New York. To be honest, it’s been very good to me, financially. Running is my job. Sometimes you have to make decisions for that reason. They [The New York Road Runners] make it hard to say no. [She laughs.]

You had mentioned if things didn’t go well in New York, then you’d head back to the track. So would you try your hand at the 10,000m then?

Maybe. I guess I would need to think about that more if the time came.

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