The Comeback Queen: Exclusive Interview With Kim Smith

Smith starred at Providence College, still lives in the city and remains coached by Friars headman Ray Treacy. Photo:

Assuming things go well in New York, is it safe to say you wouldn’t be racing a marathon in the spring, because of the Olympics?

I doubt I would. My coach would not be happy with that. I probably will just do shorter stuff on the track.

The last time I chatted with you, you were training with Molly Huddle. Are you still training with her or are you working out mostly alone now?

Molly and I do a lot of running together. But since I’m training for the marathon, we’re not really on the same workout cycle. If we can, we usually do a workout or two together.

Molly [Huddle] has been sitting out recently due to injury, plantar fasciitis, and has stated she didn’t compete in July in the hopes of resting up for Worlds. Since you have both been injured this season have you two commiserated at all about what it’s like to not be at 100%?

Yeah. She’s back running now. She’s running again, so I think she’ll be ok. Mostly we just laugh about it. But yeah, I think Molly is going to be just fine.

You had an unfortunate injury occur at Boston when you were so close to winning the race. Understandably, you may feel trepidation to race there again. Still, do you have any plans to make a comeback in Boston at any time?

I’d love to. Boston is pretty much a home to me since I live in Providence. It’s a lot of fun running there. There’s a lot of support and a lot of Providence College alumni. I would love to do it again—for sure.

Providence is your adopted hometown. You are there this weekend for an inaugural race that symbolizes a comeback of sorts for you.  How does that feel?

I don’t really get to race much here. I think when I was in college I ran the [CVS] Downtown 5K once. That was one of the reasons I wanted to run it. I’m excited to do it; that’s for sure.

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