Ask The Running Doc: How Can I Train & Race In The Heat?

  • By Mario Fraioli
  • Published Aug. 10, 2011
  • Updated Feb. 12, 2013 at 2:58 PM UTC


Drink Enough, But Not Too Much

Drink throughout the day, so that your urine remains the color of lemonade: clear you are drinking too much, iced tea color you are drinking too little. Everyone has their own fluid needs based on their unique metabolism. Don’t rely of calculations which may be wrong for a number of reasons. Rely on your “thirst” and watch your urine color!

Sports drinks are better than water, especially in the heat, because the sugar and salt they contain form an “active pump” that transports fluid to cells more quickly than water alone. Any exercise longer than 30 minutes you should be consuming sports drinks exclusively, not watered down, for the most efficient, healthiest way to hydrate.

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Mario Fraioli

Mario Fraioli

Mario Fraioli is a senior editor at Competitor magazine. A cross-country All-American at Stonehill College in 2003, he now coaches the Prado Women's Racing Team in San Diego and was the men's marathon coach for Costa Rica's 2012 Olympic team. His first book, The Official Rock 'n' Roll Guide To Marathon & Half-Marathon Training (VeloPress, 2013) is available in bookstores, running shops and online.

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